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Develop evidence based digital tools to assist healthcare providers, caregivers and patients achieve better brain health.


Mindsigns Health is a platform company focused on brain health, specifically EEG interpretation and analysis as well as mental health monitoring and analysis.

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Our cloud-based EEG platform automates the interpretation and analysis of EEG digital signals for Epilepsy and neuro-ICU patients.

The platform analyses and interpret EEG events with low false positive rates and high sensitivity. The use case is for Epilepsy and ICU monitoring and specifically the detection of non-convulsive seizures in the ICU which is a significant issue and requires timely intervention by already stretched ICU personnel. The system is complete with a proprietary web-based viewer, allowing secure access anytime, anywhere.


Our mental health monitoring platform is driven by algorithms, fueled with thousands of verbal and non-verbal features as well as video features (optional). The first indication running on GenMind™ is the monitoring and analysis of the negative and cognitive symptoms of Schizophrenia which are debilitating for the individual in terms of quality of life.

The AI-powered analysis of digital biomarkers provides clinical insights to healthcare practitioners and enhances the quality and delivery of care to patients.

In-situ clinical

Remote Long-Term Monitoring

In-situ clinical

Remote Long-Term Monitoring


1. Align With Day to Day Workflows

2. Improve the delivery of care to patients

3. Provide the ability to monitor patients more effectively

4. Save precious healthcare provider time

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